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España (Complete Album)

With the purchase of a new guitar in Spain, Kaweh recorded and released his fourth album España in 2006. This album fuses Flamenco techniques with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern rhythms and melodies. España includes a classical piece and a didgeridoo on one track. Easy listening, romantic, uplifting, instrumental.

Fiesta Carmel (Complete Album)

Fiesta Carmel is my 8th album. I had most of the ideas for this album a long time ago and when i started to live in Carmel, Ca the rest came to fruition. The bulk of the album was recorded in Carmel. I brought in some really amazing musicians for certain songs. Salif Malima Kone sings on one track honoring our dear friend Mamadou Kone who passed away much too early. I sing a jazzy number and the rest are instrumentals. The owners of Dametra restaurant here in Carmel play the Oud on three tracks while James Robinson from Santa Cruz, Ca plays the shredding guitar melodies on Yallah. Grammy award winner David Belove performs bass on multiple tracks. Check out the Album Credits for a full line up of musicians.

All tracks are original except for Le Jayenge which started out with a melody from an old Indian movie whose score was by Jatin–Lalit. Another song titled Aire De Pacifica was a co-writing with Don Fontowitz and myself. Fiesta Carmel was mastered by Hugo Wainzinger at Heartstrings Music in Los Altos, Ca. All the recording was done by myself.

I hope you enjoy this album. I feel this is my best work yet. Some of the songs bare the name of various restaurants in Carmel because of the hospitality the owners have shown me over the last two years.

Downloading the album here is just $15. If you'd like to purchase a hard copy, contact me direct. The CD comes in a beautiful digipack and costs $20 which includes shipping anywhere in the US and $25 everywhere else.

Thank you for your support.

Kaweh - Aromas Sessions (2013)

Aromas Sessions is my 7th album released on February 12, 2013. It's about an hour and fifteen minutes in length.

Aromas Sessions is a compilations of songs I have held on for years. This is a singer/songwriter style release and I am happy to share it in it's raw form. This is an acoustic album with steel string guitar and a couple of tracks with nylon strings. A couple of tracks include a drum track that the famous Mamadou Kone built for me in 2011.

Mastered by Hugo Wainzinger at Heartstrings Music, Aromas Sessions is $7.12 cheaper when purchasing the whole album instead of adding all single tracks to the cart. Use the "Packs & Presets" tab above and choose "Aromas Sessions" Enjoy & Thank you for your support!

KAWEH - First 5 Albums

Experience the Music, the Excitement, the Passion of KAWEH with the complete 5 album set. Mix it up with five hours of music ranging from easy listening, romantic, upbeat Spanish guitar instrumentals to acoustic and electric guitar tracks in the folk, funk, rock, jazz and vocal genres. Every album was recorded with a different guitar and different musicians in different studios. Guest musicians appear on these albums from all corners of the globe. This is a truly eclectic and versatile collection of music by KAWEH.

Live In San Francisco (Audio Album)

Kaweh released Live in San Francisco in 2008 as a CD/DVD combo album. The album was recorded live at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco when KAWEH opened and presented the Sol Y Luna groups reunion concert on November 16, 2007. Special guests from Uruguay, Cuba, Israel and Mexico shared the stage in a most powerful and energetic concert. World famous belly dancer Sandra makes a exotic guest appearance on a couple of tracks. The DVD is a four camera HD video recording with full audio. The DVD portion of the album also contains a half hour featurette on the group. To purchase the complete hard copy of the CD/DVD please visit

Long Ago (Complete Album)

Long Ago is Kaweh's third album released in 2005. This album is a romantic blend of Spanish guitar with Latin and Brazilian rhythms toped with Mediterranean and sometimes bluesy melodies. The song "Choose" from Kaweh's debut album "Seven" reappears as a ChaCha. The final track is a beautiful Bossa Nova with the sounds of ocean waves in the background. Uplifting, Romantic, Easy Listening, Instrumental.

Play Spanish (Complete Album)

Play Spanish is Kaweh's second album released in 2004 and his first in the Spanish guitar genre. This album combines Rumba Flamenca with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern rhythms and melodies. Two songs have hints of Latin influences. Easy listening, romantic, uplifting, upbeat and fun.

Seven (Complete Album)

Seven is Kaweh's debut album released in year 2000. This album is a compilation of Kaweh's early recordings and his collaboration with great talent from Los Angles, Georgia and the San Francisco's Bay Area. Seven is an eclectic blend of both instrumental and vocal tracks mixing Rock, Folk, Funk, Fusion, Middle Eastern and Theatrical compositions. A bonus track was added (Guitar Theater), which was originally written for a fifteen minute chair massage. It is 17.5 minutes in length and touches on open tuning and slide guitar.


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